AirQ Mobile

  • View data in Real Time
  • View simultaneously in cab and back at base 
  • Utilisation of sensors and GPS for plume tracking
  • Stored locally and online for reviewing anywhere

AirQ Mobile is designed to collect air quality data in real time from the sensors installed in the moving vehicle.

This data can then be visualized in the cab as well as viewed simultaneously back at the base.

The application will collect the data from the sensor and GPS coordinates in real time so the pollution plume can be tracked from an incident and prepared responses(e.g. evacuation) can be advised if necessary.
The application stores the data in the local database and display the live data in 3D maps. It will also upload the data to the central database which can then be visualized on the web application from anywhere.

Real-Time 3D Mapping Hand-Held Direct Reading Fume & Dust Detector Live Data in Tabular Form