Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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     Turnkey Instruments design and manufacture a range of easy to use instruments which continuously measure and record the simultaneous concentration of airborne particle sizes TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.


     Turnkey Insturments offers the Dustmate, a hand held direct reading fume and dust detector.  Osiris is our portable air particle sampler, while the Topas is a fixed solution.  AirQ32 for Windows is software that will collect, manage, and display results, graphs, pollution roses and create reports from Turnkey's range of environment sensors.  Any number of sensors can be connected to an AirQ network created with any combination of fixed wiring (up to 10 km), licence free radio telemetry (up to 20 km), telephone and GSM cellular modems. Monitoring can be either offline or online live as it happens.

     We also offer SIMRET 3000 Off Road brake testers for Minesites, Quarries, construction sites and rail locomotives as well as our BRAKESAFE On Road vehicle brake tester.  Please visit our product page for furthur information on any of our products.