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Turnkey Instruments is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality industrial and scientific instrumentation, ranging from heavy vehicle brake testers to air quality monitoring equipment. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for supplying reliable, easy-to-use instrumentation to a wide range of industries, especially mining, quarrying, rail transportation, Construction, Recycling industries and Regulators. Since all our products are designed and developed by us, we understand them entirely, therefore the technical support and service and calibration support we offer for them is second to none. As Australia’s only authorized technical facility, We do not rely on other manufacturers to serve our customers. We provide quality instrumentation  with a proven record in the Australian climate that comes with quality after-sales technical support.

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Our team of expert, dedicated technical support staff are always on hand to help, We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Turnkey instruments and data management software. Providing excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do. This is why our team is always on hand to provide free customer support to our customers from our technical facility based in Perth Hills.

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Turnkey Instruments

Early 1980’s saw the initial in-house development of the unique Turnkey Laser Photometer. Whilst industrial laser applications were not new the research and development that gave birth to the Turnkey Laser Forward Diffractometer focusing on airborne particulates was right at the cutting edge of new technology. Critically, it is Turnkey’s unique detection system that identifies this instrumentation as being consistently accurate and reliable.
Continuing in-house research and development has refined and technically improved the Turnkey Laser Diffractometer to the current Mk III version that is in use worldwide today.

Turnkey Instruments Ltd, UK is recognised as a world leader in Photometric Technology. On-going R&D now sees the release of the next generation of Turnkey Airborne Particle monitors The iPM monitor. Currently the instruments are Certified with European Certification through MCERTS to EN 45011. In Australia, Osiris instruments are the only airborne particle monitoring instruments to have successfully completed the demanding requirements of EN12341 – the International Equivalency Standard.

Here is how this instrumentation can help your Company, your Workers and the local community.

The vast majority of airborne particulates that Company Directors, Management, Staff and “coal face” Workers breathe in with every breath are not visible and do not have a sufficiently objectionable odour to disturb us. Nevertheless, over the last decade especially, medical science has been able to put together irrefutable evidence that there is no safe level for airborne particulates. Airborne particulates contribute to avoidable early mortality.

Osiris, iPM, Dustmate and Topas Airborne Particle instruments simultaneously sample, with as fast as ONE SECOND resolution, the four principle environmental particle sizes of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1. No changes of inlet head are required with all particles simultaneously identified and recorded. All of the instruments can also operate in a Workplace mode when Inhalable, Thoracic and Respirable particulates are simultaneously identified and recorded in memory as well as displaying the results on screen for immediate appraisal. The integral gravimetric filter can be later analysed to speciate the particles.

So, if you need to identify airborne pollution events that are happening as they occur, these are the instruments that will enable you to control your emissions to the broader community and for your own protection, Health and Safety.

Turnkey Instruments Australia
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