BrakeSafe Classic

The BrakeSafe Classic is a practical, user-friendly device ideal for brake testing of fleet vehicles.Brake safe testing instrument

DVSA approved, the portable tester is popular and is suitable for brake testing of all types of road-going vehicles. The BrakeSafe Classic comes with its own built-in printer and has the memory capacity to store up to 50 tests complete with graphs.

Small and compact, it comes in a sturdy case with a karabiner to conveniently attach to a belt loop when not in use.

  • VOSA-certified for MOT testing, all classes excluding I & II
  • Suitable for all cars, HGVs and PSVs
  • Measures and prints brake performance
  • Portable and easy to use

NSN (NATO Stock Number): 4910-99-432-6857

How it works

The BrakeSafe Classic can be located anywhere in the vehicle and is self-levelling, so will automatically align itself with the direction of travel of the vehicle making it quick and easy to use as it doesn’t need to be accurately aligned. This can save a lot of time if testing large volumes of vehicles in a test centre, or testing large volumes of fleet vehicles.

It accurately measures mean and peak deceleration (better than ±2 %g) and the time to stop. The BrakeSafe Classic also evaluates the test speed, stopping distance and straightness of stop – it will clearly show if a vehicle is pulling to the left or right.

To measure pedal force and delay time, the BrakeSafe Classic can be connected with a transducer to the brake pedal.

Once the test has been completed, the results will be clearly shown on the device and can be printed straight away using the built-in printer. All results are date- and time-stamped and show the vehicle ID and test conditions.

The BrakesSafe Classic is equipped with a 2 GB SD memory card, as well as an internal memory of 4 MB, so data can be transferred directly from the BrakeSafe to a PC or transferred later from the card to a PC for further analysis or record keeping.