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Full Installers
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Full AirQ installer 

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ID Exporter  for newer brake testers: Simret 4000, ic & F2; BrakeSafe & micro BrakeSafe
(Also available as a standalone version)

BrakeSafe IDs for older BrakeSafes

Simret IDs for older Simrets

g-meter PC for g-meter+

AlarmLights for configuring our AlarmBox system
(Also available as a standalone version)

Current PC link leads:
Download and run the installer (or install the driver files manually).

Older Turnkey PC link leads:
Download and run the installer (or install the driver files manually).


Manuals & Technical Specifications

You can find manuals and technical spec sheets on the individual instrument pages of this site.

Technical Documents

Simret Makes Heavy Vehicle Brake Testing Easy
The History of Simret
Interpretation of Simret Results
Brake Testing for Rubber-Tyred Vehicles
Window Tinting
Demonstration of Equivalence of Osiris at PM10

Article in journal Air Qual Atmos Health where DustMate data is used extensively:
Practicalities of mapping PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations on city-wide scales using a portable particulate monitor

Instrument Certification

Osiris and Topas MCERTS certificates
g-meterg-meter+ and BrakeSafe Classic VOSAcertificates
g-meter TÜV certificate